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Date of Last Revision: August 7, 2023

Ignite a passion for continuous learning with unrestricted access to everything that Kozmosi has in store, completely free of charge.

Kozmosi Grants offers donations of Kozmosi annual memberships to accredited charitable organisations that serve disadvantaged communities.

Our primary focus is on supporting low-income families, youth, and individuals who are currently or formerly incarcerated. If your organisation is dedicated to uplifting any of these communities and you believe they could benefit from the opportunity to learn, please contact social@kozmosi.io, and our team will reach out to you.

Kozmosi Astrophotography

Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship Fund  provides annual scholarships for college astronomy students. These students are the future of astronomy. We can all play a small part in encouraging and rewarding students who take up this challenging career.

  • ​10% Contribution: 10% of our profit goes directly into the fund
  • Open to everyoneThe Scholarship fund is open to anyone interested in applying
  • Full Scholarship: The Scholarship covers the full duration of the course
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