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Dark Structure Enhance | Kozmosi

You're about to dive into the world of PixInsight's Dark Structure Enhance Feature. This feature is tailor-made for enriching subtle and intricate details found in the dark areas of celestial images. It comes in handy when dealing with images featuring delicate nebulosity, fine dust lanes, and intricate planetary visuals, as these elements can be quite tricky to accentuate without muddling the image with noise or unwanted artefacts.

DSE | Nebula | Kozmosi

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This video guide is part of our A to Z of PixInsight course that includes over 11 Hours of professional training. The video covers all properties of the Dark Structure Enhance Script showing how to adapt it to different structure sizes and levels of darkness within your images. We also cover how to extract the masks used by the script to allow us to further fine tune our enhancements. 

The DSE script can significantly enhance the visual impact of our final images, as it brings out subtle features that contribute to the scientific and aesthetic value of our images, making it a valuable tool for astrophotography enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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