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NGC3324 Star Core Fix

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You will learn a repeatable process to fix blown out star cores. Some larger stars have cores that are blown out or clipped in the original James Webb Space Telescope data this clipping is caused by the filter collecting more data than the shorter wavelength filters until the clipping occurs due to too much data. However, we need these longer wavelength filters in order to see the finer detail.

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  • ​Bonus - Multiscale Linear Transform: The MultiscaleLinearTransform is a powerful tool in PixInsight that is widely used for image enhancement and noise reduction. It operates in the multiscale domain, allowing for selective manipulation of different scales or levels of detail within an image.

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This video guide includes over 1 hour of professional training. Split into seven chapters the video guide will walk you through a step by step process for fixing blown out star cores that often appear in Deep Space image data. The professionals now a secret that the amateurs do not that enables them to process their images 10x faster thanks to to their hard earned knowledge. 

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