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NGC3324 Cosmic Cliffs Workflow Course

Free Chapter 6: Star Core Fixes

In this example chapter from our NGC324 Cosmic Cliffs processing workflow course, we will introduce a method to fix blown out star cores.

  • ​Repeatable Workflow: The sample chapter goes into great detail to introduce a repeatable workflow.
  • Filter ImagesThe sample chapter covers the entire workflow for all 6 filter images.
  • 57 minutes: The sample includes all seven parts from the series with nearly 1 hour of content.
  • ​Bonus Chapter: Included for Free is the Multiscale Linear Transform (MLT) chapter,.The MLT is a powerful tool in PixInsight used for image enhancement and noise reduction.
Star Core Fix Introduction

NGC3324 Cosmic Cliffs Workflow Course

18 Video Chapters, 33 Bonus Videos

The full course includes 18 chapters across 4 phases of processing along with 33 Bonus Chapters from our A to Z of PixInsight course that introduce every single tool used throughout the video chapters.

  • Project Setup: 4 Workflow Videos , 4 Bonus Chapter on Installing PixInsight and tools introduced.
  • Linear Processing5 Workflow Videos, 17 Bonus Chapters covering all tools introduced. 
  • ​​Non-Linear Processing: 7 Workflow Videos, 8 Bonus Chapters covering all tools introduced.
  • ​​Post Processing: 2 Workflow Videos, 4 Bonus Chapters on color management and exporting.

NGC3324 Cosmic Cliffs Workflow Course


Every chapter in the course includes a step-by-step guide in the form of a PDF Astro-File. 

  • Astro-Files: 18 Astro-Files included detailing each chapter of the course
  • Bonus33 Bonus Astro-File chapters included from our A-to-Z of PixInsight Course.

NGC3324 Cosmic Cliffs

A to Z of PixInsight Bonus Chapters

Each time a new process is introduced the corresponding bonus chapter from our companion course the A to Z of PixInsight is included to help reinforce the learning.

  • ​​Videos: 12 Hours of detailed Step-by-Step bonus videos
  • Bonus: 33 Bonus chapters included from our A-to-Z of PixInsight Course detailing every process and Script introduced in the workflow course​

Discord Server

Astrophotography Community

Our dedicated Discord server brings real-time to our courses, you can interact with instructors and other students. Discuss the latests news and ask those challenging questions. We run Astrophotography challenges and share processing tips and tricks. 

  • Instructors: All our course instructors are active participants on our community server.
  • Course Discussion: Every course has a dedicated channel where you can interact with other students
  • ​​News: We discuss the latest Astronomy and Astrophotography discoveries and news daily.