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Kozmosi Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We draw inspiration from the finest examples, and our dedication lies in continuously striving for excellence.

Our aspiration is to embody the role of global citizens within a world marked by fairness and justice, where mutual understanding and shared learning prevail.

Our approach in the workplace, our workforce, and the marketplace mirrors our unwavering dedication to progressing towards this ideal. The extensive array of our instructors, as well as the diversity of subjects they teach, showcases our commitment to amplifying and uplifting voices from all backgrounds.

We firmly oppose systemic racism, police brutality, and any forms of prejudice or violence aimed at any segment of our society or communities.

Our beliefs are rooted in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, we are well aware that simply holding these beliefs is insufficient. This is why we have taken concrete and visible steps, outlined in the following six actions, to transform our convictions into tangible change.

Our team has come together to develop our initial commitments to action:

Elevating a Diverse Array of Instructor Voices:

Representation holds paramount importance. We pledge that our roster of instructors across all subject domains will consistently mirror the diverse fabric of our society. Our objective is to achieve this representation in the upcoming instructors we onboard. While diverse perspectives may not resonate with everyone, each class serves as an opportunity for learning, and we encourage you to choose your engagements thoughtfully.

Building the Inclusive World We Envision:

Our commitment extends to crafting a workplace that truly reflects the diversity of the countries where we operate. We will develop and invest in strategies that foster an environment of inclusivity.

Cultivating a Company Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

In line with our commitment, we will appoint specialised resources focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These resources will bolster the initiatives of our employee DEI group and further our broader endeavours in this sphere.

Amplifying the Voices within Our Team:

We stand resolute in providing our team members a full day off during elections. By doing so, we ensure they have the time to exercise their right to vote and assist others in doing the same. This gesture underscores our dedication to fostering a culture where every voice is valued and heard.

This voyage is ongoing, and its conclusion remains distant.

We are committed to consistently assessing and evaluating our advancements each quarter, alongside annual reviews of our strategies. With our continuous expansion, we will shoulder additional responsibilities, consistently pushing our boundaries to steer the course of change.