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  • ​$330 - 33 Video Chapters: Covering PixInsight process, scripts and tools.
  • $75 - 33 Astro-FilesDetailed PDF documents detailing each video chapter.
  • $50 - ​​​History of Astronomy: PDF and Audio Book
  • Priceless: Each month we release new videos.

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A to Z of PixInsight Masterclass
Become a PixInsight Expert
NGC3324 Cosmic Cliffs Workflow Course ($9.99)Dive deep into the cosmos with our advanced Astrophotography Image Processing Workflow Masterclass

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As a beginner to PI, we all rely on online tutorial videos, which often are very useful. However the A-Z videos not only show you how to use each specific tool, they dive into what each function does and how all it’s settings work; knowledge that can take ages to acquire, and hard to find at this price point


COLIN DUNN - Colorado

Most people want to jump in straight away and then get discouraged when their data become a jumbled mess. Seen this way too often. The A to Z of PixInsight Course really helps to ground the advanced knowledge and is key to longevity and success for the user. 
The pay off for me made it worthwhile!


A to Z of PixInsight Course

33 Video Chapters, 33 Astro-Files

The A to Z of PixInsight course is an ongoing series of videos documenting all aspects of PixInsight. Each chapter in the series includes detailed information on the tool in question along with examples of how to effectively use it. 
Each month we publish new chapters that are included in the series at no extra charge. 

  • PixInsight Application Chapters: Everything you need to get up and running with PixInsight.
  • Process Chapters: In depth process chapters covering functionality and example usages. 
  • ​​Script Chapters: In depth script chapters covering script functionality and example usages. 
  • ​​Astro-Files: Every chapter comes complete with a video chapter and PDF Astro-File.

Audio Book and PDF

History of Astronomy

Included with your course you will receive an audio book copy to accompany the digital copy of "History of Astronomy".  Learn about Astronomy's origins in China and Babylonia. Early discoveries and the realisation that we are not at the centre of the universe.   

  • ​BOOK I. THE GEOMETRICAL PERIOD : Primitive Astronomy
  • BOOK II. THE DYNAMICAL PERIODThe Discovery of the Solar System
  • BOOK III. OBSERVATION: Instruments of precision and the History of Telescopes
  • BOOK IV. THE PHYSICAL PERIOD: Planets, Moons, Stars and Nebulae 
Kozmosi | Audio Book Man
Kozmosi | Audio Book Man

Discord Server

Astrophotography Community

Our dedicated Discord server brings real-time to our courses, you can interact with instructors and other students. Discuss the latests news and ask those challenging questions. We run Astrophotography challenges and share processing tips and tricks. 

  • Instructors: All our course instructors are active participants on our community server.
  • Course Discussion: Every course has a dedicated channel where you can interact with other students
  • ​​News: We discuss the latest Astronomy and Astrophotography discoveries and news daily.